“The Always-Connected Generation”

Here is the article to which I am referring. For the other interesting text from this week you can click here or here to read them.

One connection I have to the text is the study report found in the first page tfunny-phone-late-night-morning-comic-eyes.jpghat most “millennials sleep with a phone by the bed.” I thought this was interesting because it never occurred to me that it would seem odd for me to sleep with my cell phone by my bed. But it’s true that in the middle of the night if I wake up I want to check social media and text messages to see if I missed anything while I was asleep. It is the fear that I am not connected to my peers and family during the time that I am asleep so I have to check my phone immediately when I wake up — no matter when that may be. While I hate to admit it, especially to nagging adults, I do depend on my technology to feel connected, even though it may not be meaningful connections that I am making via my technology.

One question I have about the text is will we ever reach a point inr12_22672297.jpg technological development where we become stagnant or the technology takes over the place of human interaction? I always imagine a dystopian world where teachers are replaced by robots and books are replaced with inlaid tablets. I think that the relationship that is formed between teacher and student is just as vital as the teacher being able to understand the student’s perspective, which in today’s classroom includes knowing how to use technology in a meaningful way.

My summary tweet (150 characters or less) is: 6dd629cb-30ef-4c18-ba0a-45bc6ad27a73.jpg



2 thoughts on ““The Always-Connected Generation”

  1. Your statement that “I always imagine a dystopian world where teachers are replaced by robots and books are replaced with inlaid tablets” resonated with me because I worry about this too! It reminds me of the move Wall E. I love education possibilities of technology, AND it makes me nervous at the same time!


  2. I share your question about us becoming stagnant or overtaken by technology. I wonder if it might move toward a more virtual connection – still real people and real-time, but not Truly face to face (I read a lot of science fiction). Like implants where we can pull up calls and conversations while doing anything at all.


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